International Bible Study

International Bible Study


Hi! Are you an exchange student who is looking for a Christian community in a foreign country? Would you like to dive in to the Bible in English? Do you just wish to find a group of people to talk about Jesus with? Or maybe practice your English skills?

Come to an international Bible study!

The Bible study will be held weekly and we will read through some of the basic parts in the Bible (including the creation of the world and the death of Jesus). If you have never seen a Bible or have no idea who Jesus even is, it’s okay! We’ll use a technique that applies to everybody from those who are completely new to it to those who read through the Bible twelve times a year.


The first meeting will be held on the 3rd of February 16PM-18PM in the Ruusupuisto building in RUU B102 (Emma). After that we’ll meet weekly at the same time and the same place! Excluding the week 15 (Easter break).


If you have any questions don’t be afraid to contact Eveliina Kangashaka (