International Students (IFES)

International Students (IFES)

Interested in Christianity and the Bible? You are warmly welcome to our meetings!

OPKO - Evangelical Lutheran Student Mission of Turku is a Christian student fellowship in Turku. Our meetings are open to all Christians and non-Christians. OPKO is a member of IFES - International Fellowship of Evangelical Students.

Student Evenings

Student Evenings are held during the semesters on Tuesdays at 18 o'clock (6pm) in Evankeliumintalo, Vähä Hämeenkatu 16. In Student Evenings we will hear a speech, discuss faith and life, pray, meet other students and have an evening snack. Once a month the evening is held in English and on other occasions we will have someone translating the speech for the English speaking students.

Autumn 2019

3.9. Tortilla Evening
10.9. Uncover Bible Study
17.9. Ethiopia
24.9. Jussi Miettinen - Know Your Calling
1.10. Antti Kallio - Apostle Paul and Prayer
8.10. Uncover Bible Study
15.10. Markus Syrjätie - Calling to Mission in Japan
22.10. World Student Day of Prayer (18.10.) + potlock party
29.10. Robert Ojala - Bible Evening: Corinthians
5.11. Uncover Bible Study
12.-14.11. "More to Come" - Stefan Gustavsson
19.11. Remo Ronkainen
26.11. Autumn Meeting
3.12. Board Game Evening
10.12. Uncover Bible Study
17.12. Christmas Party

Spring 2019

15 January - Tortilla Evening!
22 January - Uncover Bible Study
29 January - Cancelled because our studentworker's sick leave
5 February - Uncover Bible Study
12 February - Temple of Jerusalem by Antti Kallio
19 February - Know God by Robert Ojala
26 February - Difficult Passages in the Old Testament by Markus Syrjätie
5 March - Spring Meeting and Uncover Bible Study
12 March - Jussi Miettinen visits Turku
19 March - Your Place and Gifts in God's Mission by Arno Alajoki
26 March - Veritas Forum
2 April - Know Yourself by Robert Ojala
9 April - Uncover Bible Study
16 April - Board Game Evening
23 April - Know Your Calling by Robert Ojala
7 May - Uncover Bible Study
14 May - Summer Party

Cell Groups

Join our cell groups where we study the Bible, pray together and get to know each other. We examine the life and purpose of Jesus Christ. Welcome to join our cell groups! Contact our student worker Robert Ojala for more information about our cell group gatherings.

Bilingual Bible Study

Bilingual Bible study starting this fall! You are welcome to join us to study the Word of God in both Finnish and English and meet new people. We use the Glad Tidings Bible Study material. Contact our student worker for more information.

Coffee Break

Come to have a cup of coffee and chat with us between lectures. Check the coffee times from our website!

Game evenings and other activities

Join our English email list to be informed about our game evenings and other free time activities.

Email list

To stay informed and get the latest updates, you can join our email list by contacting our studentworker.


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Student worker

Rev. Dr. Robert Ojala

Want to support us?

Our work is supported mainly by individual Christians. If you want to support our work financially, you can do it with the following bank account information:
- IBAN: FI26 8318 6710 0053 04
- Reference number for OPKO Turku work: 2215

Legal authorization for fundraising: Poliisihallitus on myöntänyt Suomen Ev.lut. Opiskelija- ja Koululaislähetys ry:lle 17.3.2015 rahankeräysluvan POL-2014-13477 ajalle 17.3.2015-31.12.2019. Varainkeruu voidaan toteuttaa Suomessa pl. Ahvenanmaa niin, että kerätyt varat käytetään kaikille avoimien opiskelija- ja nuorteniltojen, yleisöluentojen, pienrymien ja leirien järjestämiseen, viestintään, nuorten henkilökohtaiseen tukeen sekä yleishyödyllisen toiminnan välineisiin ml. OPKOn tilojen varustamiseen.

OPKO is a part of IFES


OPKO - Evangelical Lutheran Student Mission of Turku
is a member of
IFES - International Fellowship of Evangelical Students


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