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26.3.2019 16:00 - 18:00


March 26th at 4 PM with Veritas Forum at University of Turku

Tiistaina 26. maaliskuuta klo 16 Veritas Forum Turun yliopistolla.


How do God, pain and beauty relate to each other? Can we have knowledge about them? Can we think about the concepts in a meaningful manner? Do the intellectuals think too theoretically about beauty and God?

According to Immanuel Kant, we cannot have knowledge of God or freedom, because knowledge presupposes sensible content and nothing in nature corresponds to religious notions. Yet, Kant grants that we can meaningfully think about such notions. Moreover, we may perceive nature from a perspective that shows it to be hospitable to our moral goals. In Kant’s view, we know this perspective from judgments of beauty. The relation between beauty and religious faith in Kant’s philosophy is the theme discussed by Hanne Appelqvist, the deputy director of the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies.

However, it is the common problem of especially intellectuals to speak about beauty and God highly theoretically, says Joseph Almog, professor of philosophy at the University of Turku. Beauty strikes us directly, by immediate experience. It is because of this that Dostoevsky could say "Beauty will save the world". There is a price of course -- Beauty is no clever constructed aesthetics, it is infused with suffering from our living in the world. To allow beauty to really have an influence on us, suffering will inevitably enter the picture. Dostoevsky knew this by experience: it is beauty and its pains or nothing.

Appelqvist and Almog will be discussing at the University of Turku on March 26th. The moderator of the discussion is university teacher, ThD Anssi Ollilainen from Åbo Akademi University.

Venue: University of Turku, Assistentinkatu 7, lecture hall PUB 1.

Date and time: March 26th, from 4.15 to 6.00 pm.

Free admission. At the end of the discussion there is time for questions and comments from the audience. Coffee and tea afterwards.

Organizers: Veritas Forum Finland, University of Turku, IFES Turku (OPKO).

Veritas Forum Finland is a network that organizes academic discussions about the big questions of life on university campuses across Finland. We operate in Finnish, Swedish and English. The Veritas Forum events have originated at Harvard University in 1992. Since then, over 200 universities in North America, Europe and Asia have hosted the events. In Finland, the events are coordinated by the Christian student organization IFES Finland (OPKO).



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